iHACapp kitchen


iHACapp stands for intelligent Hygiene And Cleaning application. It is the new centre of hygiene, offering an easy to use all-in-one solution: custom cleaning plans, instructions, data registration, dosage system connection and product information. All in once device.

Tablet and holder included

iHACapp tablet

APP Overview

iHACapp cleaningplan kitchen


All-in-one solution
  • Cleaning plans
  • Instructions
  • Product information
  • Registration
User friendly
  • Colours and icons
  • Simple user interface
  • LED indications
  • Multiple languages
High tech
  • Fully customisable
  • Extensive standby time
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Splash water resistant
iHACapp building


The intelligent centre of hygiene
Centre of hygiene
iHACapp is the jumpstart for an important movement in the world of kitchen and building cleaning: and intelligent system becoming the centre of hygiene. The patented application and its physical location (a dedicated system in the workplace) ensures that all relevant information and knowledge is available where they are needed most. iHACapp combines all operational information: from cleaning plans and instructions up to registration and product information. Additionally it generates all data required for proper cleaning and hygiene management.

Time and cost saving
iHACapp leads to significant time saving in production and management. Cleaning staff easily find their way through the appropriate cleaning plans, and the time to register
their activities is significantly reduced compared to the usual paper work. On top of that, managers have access to a complete set of data, which enables them to analyse, operate and communicate much more efficiently, saving valuable time and at the same time improving quality. The product need can be predicted by distributors ensuring a more efficient logistic footprint and exceptional service

Improving hygiene
In a world which is getting more transparent, you cannot take any risk by cutting back on hygiene. A quick glance at the system makes it crystal clear for the cleaner to know what his cleaning tasks are. When finished, he can check off his tasks with a single tap of the finger. The application works with a set of clear and unique icons and colours (corresponding with the products) and has multiple languages available.
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